Natural horsemanship in the heart of Andalucía

The Natural Horsemanship Association of Coín was set up by Dawn and Jeff Mason at Finca Hiedra just outside the inland town of Coín to bring Natural Horsemanship to Southern Spain, in particular Málaga and the Costa del Sol.

We share ideas and demonstrate a kinder way of training that your horse understands better and, hopefully, will allow you to create a better partnership with your own horse and any other horse that may come into your life.

Natural Horsemanship

Parelli Natural Horsemanship Professional Freddy Verleyen with Principe Our horses benefit greatly by being handled using Natural Horsemanship Techniques trained by Freddy Verleyen, Parelli Professional. Many of our liveries have been so inspired by the overall improvement in their horses, they have been eager to learn more about our techniques.

Horse Clinics

Horse clinic with Oro in the round pen at Finca Hiedra in Spain Horses can also be taken in for training in Natural Horsemanship Techniques. This can include youngsters, backing and re-backing , loading and farrier problems, ridden problems, stallions and problem horses. We have a custom made round pen specifically for this purpose.

Horse Rescue

Horse Rescue at Finca Hiedra in Southern Spain At Finca Hiedra we try to do our bit to help on a very small scale, offering rescue, rehabilitation, medical care and rehoming using Natural Horsemanship techniques. As such we try to give some of these unfortunate creatures the happy future they so deserve.

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